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Rob Ninkovich, Akeem Ayers

Latest Injuries Patriots News

Dont'a Hightower: Jonathan Casillas, Akeem Ayers Raise Patriots' Football IQ Spikes left for the Buffalo Bills and Dane Fletcher signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the offseason, and things started getting shallow when Collins and Hightower had to miss games earlier in the 2014 season because of injuries. The Patriots were … Read more on […]


Latest AFC East Patriots News

AFC Hasn't Changed Much, But Change is Coming The New England Patriots haven't shown any signs of slowing down in the AFC East. Their recent victory over the Indianapolis Colts was the definition of a statement game. Get this in your head: The Patriots have a good defense and a good running game. Read more […]


Latest Injuries Patriots News

Injury Watch: Colts, Broncos lose several playmakers in Week 11 Power Rankings: Unrelenting Patriots remain No. 1; Beng… by Chris Burke. Click to read more Injury Watch: Colts, Broncos lose several playmakers in Week 11. Audibles Podcast: What does future hold for Eli, RGIII,… Click to read more Injury Watch … Read more on SI.com […]

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